Common Core Connections

The WIDA Standards were shown to have a strong linkage to the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics in a 2010 correspondence study conducted by the University of Oklahoma Department of Educational Training, Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement (E-TEAM). The full correspondence study results are available on the Alignment page of the WIDA website.

The results of the WIDA ELP Standards/Common Core State Standards Correspondence Study were used to inform development of the 2012 WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards. Strands of the WIDA Standards that did not have a strong match to the CCSS were eliminated and replaced with new strands whose content stem/topic were more represented in the Common Core. In addition, WIDA introduced Common Core connections to the new strands, explicitly mentioning the standard which it could best support. The amplified standards will be used in the item writing course for future assessments.

The WIDA and the ASSETS consortia are in the process of developing and delivering resources and professional development opportunities that assist educators in integrating language (WIDA ELD) and content standards such as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Professional development opportunities highlight the ELD Standards framework and the ways in which it explicitly connects to the CCSS and NGSS. Through interactive and collaborative learning opportunities, educators unpack the language demands of the CCSS and NGSS to plan differentiated instruction and assessment for English language learners.