Partners & Links


The following organizations serve as partners providing development and support services to ASSETS.

CAL Logo
The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), in collaboration with the ASSETS Consortium and project partners, will create the technology-based summative assessment, screener, and interim assessments. They will develop test specifications and test items, field test the new items, and support the many activities associated with operationalizing the new system.
DRC Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) will provide overall coordination for the delivery of the online field testing technology platform in Year 3 of the grant. They will work with project partners to ensure that the platform is able to support portable test items, as is required under the grant.
Metritech Logo MetriTech will score the speaking and writing sections of the assessment.
UCLA Logo UCLA researchers are developing dynamic language learning progressions (DLLPs) that encompass the language development of students for a range of language functions needed to succeed in school. They will also create materials that support educators’ use of the DLLPs for instructional purposes.
WestEd Logo WestEd will provide technical support to WIDA and project partners on interoperability. Key WestEd staff on the NDAC will also make recommendations based on their expertise in professional development, policy, and accountability.
WDPI Logo WDPI will serve as project coordinator and liaison with ASSETS member states. They will work with WIDA and project partners to ensure that states have a strong voice and active role in the development of the new system.
WIDA Logo WIDA will serve as project management partner and liaison between project partners. They will work with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and member states to support WIDA and ASSETS states in the transition to the computerized system.