ASSETS is a 35-state consortium, building on the work of the WIDA Consortium, to create the next generation of English Language Proficiency tests. The Consortium's work is supported through a federal Enhanced Assessment Grant (EAG) with plans for full operationalization of the new assessment system in 2015-16.

changes iconChanges to ACCESS for ELLs

The ASSETS grant supports development of a technology-based assessment system for English Learners. The transition to a computerized version of ACCESS for ELLs, tentatively called ACCESS for ELLs 2.0, is scheduled for 2015-16.

See What's New in ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 for more information.

highlights iconProject Highlights

arrow Comprehensive Assessment System
will include summative, screener, and interim measures

arrow Educator involvement
will be central to the design and implementation of the new system

arrow Outreach & Professional Development
will support a successful transition to computerized testing

timeline iconTimeline

Grant Year
School Year
1 2011-12 Development
2 2012-13 Pilot Testing
3 2013-14 Field Testing
4 2014-15 Pre-Operationalization

Fully operational in 2015-16. More info